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Cedar Ridge Industries, LLC

Custom Park Model RV's & Cottage Styled Modular Homes 800-521-4861 or 360-740-9100

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Cedar Ridge park Model RV's

represent a simple idea, a comfortable, livable, high quality & affordable vacation or retirement home, a home that is customized to suit an individual's needs and style, a year-round home that can be enjoyed without making compromises on quality, amenities or finances.


Cedar Ridge Park Model RV's are recreational vehicles primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or seasonal use. They are built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels and must be under 400 square feet of living space. Each park model home is built to comply with ANSI A119.5. The ANSI A119.5 is the rigid International building standards required of every manufacturer of Park Model RV's. The standards govern electrical, plumbing, structural and almost every facet of the completed unit. ANSI assures consumers that they are buying a quality product that is structurally sound.